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Do Not Track List For Web Marketing Proposed By The Ftc

Murphy USA Launches New Social-Focused Web Site

By Joelle Tessler,Associated Press / December 2, 2010 The Apex Building, FTC headquarters is seen here. Federal regulators are proposing to create a "Do Not Track" list for the Internet so that people could prevent marketers from tracking their Web browsing habits. Enlarge WASHINGTON Federal regulators are proposing to create a "Do Not Track" list for the Internet so that people could prevent marketers from tracking their Web browsing habits and other online behavior in order to target advertising. The Christian Science Monitor Weekly Digital Edition The proposal, modeled after the government's existing Do Not Call List for telemarketers, is one of a series of recommendations outlined in a new privacy report released Wednesday by the Federal Trade Commission . The report lays out a broad framework for protecting consumer privacy both online and offline as personal data collection becomes ubiquitous often without consumer knowledge. The FTC hopes the report will help inform lawmakers and other policymakers as they draft new rules of the road to protect privacy, and guide the marketing industry as it develops self-regulatory principles to define acceptable corporate behavior. Protecting consumer privacy, the FTC says, is critical as marketers particularly online marketers are analyzing the websites consumers visit, the online links they click, Internet searches, online and offline purchases, the physical locations of cell phones and other wireless devices and all sorts of personal information disclosed on social networking sites. <br>visit http://www.csmonitor.com/USA/Latest-News-Wires/2010/1202/Do-Not-Track-list-for-Web-marketing-proposed-by-the-FTC

Searching for business? Look to your Web marketing

ActiveNation specializes in creative web design, using online marketing principles and the latest Web programming technologies. Alyah specifically brings years of international marketing expertise to the question of using your website to grow your business. While there are several things you can do to your site to make it more attractive and thus to increase its search engine compatibility (see below), the main thing to understand is that SEO is "a popularity contest," says Rafeh. The important thing, she says, is that you have a site that is clean, visually pleasing, and easy to navigate, that way "people will like the site, have a good user experience, and want to come back." This translates into increased traffic, and the more popular your site is, the better insofar as SEO goes. So an easily navigated, well-designed site is the foundation upon which you must build. After that, there are several other things you can do to increase your search engine rankings: Consider carefully your site setup: Rafeh warns that traditionally, search engine spiders have had a hard time indexing sites which rely heavily on Flash programming and as such reducing the amount of Flash on your site may increase its SEO. <br>visit http://usatoday30.usatoday.com/money/smallbusiness/columnist/strauss/2006-02-20-seo_x.htm

Four Strategies for Email Marketing Success

"At Murphy USA we are constantly pushing the envelope to give our customers more convenient ways to talk to us," Casey Petersen, Internet business specialist for Murphy USA said in a released statement. "The new MurphyUSA.com enables us to communicate and interact with our customers through all of our online channels -- from the Web site itself to mobile technology and social networks." According to the company the new design serves to enrich interaction with its customers as the new site features quick access to all Murphy's social networks including: "Cheap Gas Blog," Facebook, Twitter and YouTube channels. A feed of tweets from the company's Twitter channel appears in the left column on all interior pages of the site and encourages site users to re-tweet postings. The site also features a free download of Murphy USA's Cheap Gas Finder mobile app for both the iPhone and Android. The mobile app uses up-to-date, real-time pricing information to give customers the latest per-gallon cost from all Murphy USA gas stations near the customer's current location, the company stated. The new Web site will also focus on customer feedback by offering the communication tool, Text-Assist. Text-Assist enables customers to text complaints, ideas, suggestions and feedback directly to the company. Other features include: -- A new store locator function that allows customers to search for a Murphy USA store by product line -- such as diesel fuel or sodas -- and to locate full-service Murphy Express convenience stores. -- Murphy USA "Hot Deals" on store products and links to Murphy's ongoing Facebook giveaways are prominently displayed on the main page of the site. <br>visit http://www.csnews.com/top-story-marketing-c19-murphy_usa_launches_new_social_focused_web_site-58048.html

Research Now to Feature Experian Marketing Services' Mosaic(R) USA Consumer Lifestyle Segmentation

Take time to craft your email subjects and watch as your response rates increase. Not Just Any Email Will Do, Each Touch Must Add Value While the goal of email is certainly to bring more customers into your store, encourage more prospects to call for assistance, and push potential customers to purchase more of your products online, that cant be what your emails are all about. Sending emails that are only about sales, new products, or services is a sure-fire way to ensure that your messages are quickly deleted. Look at the content of your emails and ask yourself a very simple question:If I were opening this email as a total stranger, does it add any value to my day? For most emails received, the answer is that the message adds no value at all. Its merely an advertisement delivered digitally. Regardless of your industry, it is crucial to create emails that add real value. For example, if you sell clothing you could share fashion tips. If you sell exercise equipment you could share fitness tips. Dont try to disguise helpful tips as sales letters; add real value and your emails will be eagerly anticipated by your prospects and thats a win for everybody. How Many Emails are You Sending? Even with a database that has a few million records, sending a big blast email is not likely to help you achieve your goals. Instead of periodically blasting your database of prospects with offers, consider developing an email follow-up sequence that will keep prospects engaged until the moment they are ready to take action. <br>visit http://www.businessreviewusa.com/marketing/web/four-strategies-for-email-marketing-success

Recently updated to reflect today's dramatically evolving and digitally engaged American consumer, Mosaic USA is based on: analysis of the latest trends in American society; a wealth of high quality, comprehensive data sources; and a sophisticated proprietary approach to cluster analysis. The integration enables Research Now to code its research panels using Mosaic's system, which classifies all U.S. households and neighborhoods into 71 unique segments and 19 overarching groups, to provide greater targeting capabilities and deliver more granular information about survey respondents. "As marketing to consumers becomes more refined, the type of information needed from researchers is becoming more diverse," commented Craig Stevens, chief revenue officer, Americas for Research Now. <br>visit http://web2.sys-con.com/node/2288797

Marketing gold could be found in Web video

Over the past few weeks: Disney (DIS) formed its first Web-only production house, Stage 9, which forged a deal with Toyota to sponsor its first made-for-Web series, the sitcom Squeegees. Disney's ESPN also said it will dramatically step up its Internet-only sports programming. NBC (GE) created its first network for original online video. Visitors can get an in-depth look at new cars from clips produced http://www.youtube.com/ by DriverTV; NBC paid $6 million for a 35% stake in the firm. And CBS, (CBS) which defined mainstream news in the radio and TV eras, launched MobLogic.tv, a website with daily clips that it says provides "a reality check on mainstream news, (Internet) 2.0 style." The modest size of these investments reflects the companies' uncertainty about where they fit in. <br>visit http://usatoday30.usatoday.com/money/media/2008-04-03-web-video-advertising_N.htm

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